110: Dr. Michael Pickart on Post-Weight Loss Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgeon Michael Pickart discusses surgical options for loose skin after weight loss, common types of procedures, and how Hollywood has changed perception of his industry.

Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Loose skin and surgery have been hot topics here at TipsOfTheScale this month. We had a follow-up with J.T. Matherly after his three surgical procedures, and resident blogger Tim Bauer shared firsthand knowledge on what to expect, some ways to potentially address it, and perspective on how to think about your loose skin.

Dr. Michael Pickart

Today, Dr. Pickart  — the highly-recommended surgeon who performed J.T.’s procedures — visits TipsOfTheScale to talk:

  • Loose skin surgical options
  • The most popular surgical procedures
  • Recovery details and expectations
  • “Hollywood” perception of plastic surgery and the “ideal” body image


On Dr. Pickart’s Workout Playlist

Contacting Dr. Michael Pickart

Dr. Pickart is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, has a long record of experience and accomplishments in the industry, and runs a successful practice in Ventura, California. Our thanks to Dr. Pickart for his time and very helpful insights.

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