This page shares favorite books, products, and articles as chosen by me and TipsOfTheScale guests & fans. I will update it over time.

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Now a #1 New York Times bestseller, this is THE top recommendation for anyone working on self-improvement of any kind. James was a TipsOfTheScale guest back in 2013.

The single most recommended book by podcast guests. Duhigg’s work has changed many lives, and has directly influenced my approach to daily routines.

I use this every day. I used to rely on measuring cups and Google to convert measurements. After buying this, I discovered that some of my measurements had been way off. This scale and MyFitnessPal have made hitting my daily macronutrient & calorie targets super easy. Model #115NS

I use this daily to make protein shakes, to mix scrambled eggs batter, and to make the occasional cauliflower mashed potatoes. It’s easy to clean, takes up very little counter space, and crushes ice, nuts, and anything I’ve thrown at it.

Slow cookers (AKA “Crock Pots”) are a wonderful resource for the busy family. If you struggle with planning or preparing meals ahead of time, a slow cooker can help you make larger quantities of food at once so that you have home-cooked options ready when you get hungry

This book approaches body recomposition in a different way than most, with a focus on feeding and increasing lean mass (muscle) so that your body burns more calories all day. Highly recommended if you are interested in weight-lifting.

This is the chair I use in my home office. Yes, I am sitting on this chair as I write this. A growing body of research proves that sitting too long is dangerous to your health. My posture has improved since I began using this chair and I highly recommend it.

Is there a piece of equipment that has helped on your health & weight loss journey? Tell me about it here and I may add it to this list. Thanks! -Sam