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A motivational show about weight-loss and habit change. Heard over a million times in 150+ countries!

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Sarah Moores | Tips Of The Scale

Sarah Moores Update: Mental Health, Lifting, and Self Awareness

Sarah Moores returns with updates on her life & health, mental health insights, and tips for improving self-awareness.
Katie Eastgate | Tips Of The Scale

Portion Sizes, Pregnancy, and Progress with Katie Eastgate

Katie has dropped 185 pounds from a peak weight of 359 pounds (163 kg)! She is a self-described picky eater who redefined her idea of hunger, learned how to manage her food and reduce portion sizes, and maintained a positive attitude throughout.
Jesse Shand Before-After

158: A Journey Begun at 700 Pounds | Jesse Shand

Jesse was almost 700 pounds, unable to shower indoors, and had “given up on life”. Hear how he turned things around has has dropped almost 400 pounds so far.
Sara Kaplan Before/After

157: Love Yourself Towards Health & Weight Loss | Sara Kaplan

Sara’s highest recorded weight was 320 pounds (145 kg) in 2012, and her goal since childhood was to one day become a good mom. Hear about the panicked moment that kicked off a journey of significant life, health, and mindset changes.
Todd and Wendy Jamison Weight Loss

156: Weight Loss As A Family | Todd and Wendy Jamison

Husband and wife Todd and Wendy Jamison struggled with yo-yo dieting and wavering motivation up to a peak of almost 300 pounds each. In this interview, they share what they learned about motivation, daily routines, and how balancing life in one area helps improves other areas.

155: Finding The Powerful Person Inside | Dustin Larmeir

Battling depression and a life of debilitating obesity, Dustin shares the side of the mirror he had to face to become the best version of himself.

154: The Importance Of a Support Network | Kyle Klobe

Kyle learned from his past weight-loss attempts that trying on his own wasn’t working. Hear what he did instead and how his life has changed.

153: Food Is Not The Enemy | Patrick Tucker

Patrick lost over 100 pounds in under a year, without restricting any of the foods he loved.

152: How Emotions Impact Your Weight Loss | Brooke Castillo

Author and coach Brooke had a history of struggling with emotional eating and her weight. However, she discovered that overeating was only a symptom of other issues she was dealing with.

151: Abel James, The “Fat-Burning Man”

Hear what the creator of the Wild Diet, host of top-rated podcast Fat Burning Man, and fellow fitness enthusiast Abel James has to say about…

150: Going Paleo and Trusting The Process | Lilia Lam

Lilia used to ask herself, “Why can’t I have that happiness that everyone else has?” She decided to make a lifestyle change, and needed to manage her expectations to succeed. Hear what she’s learned about the Paleo lifestyle, staying motivated, and herself.

149: Focus Weight Loss Effort In The Right Places | Fidel Rodriguez

Precision, persistence and juicing paid off for Fidel’s health and career. Hear how his focus on health impacted other parts of his professional life.
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