151: Abel James, The “Fat-Burning Man”

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Abel James is on a mission “to get the truth out there, as I see it, without influence from supplement companies and marketers… that usually just muck up the whole thing.


In This Conversation

Hear what the creator of the Wild Diet, host of top-rated podcast Fat Burning Man, and fellow fitness enthusiast Abel James has to say about…

  • How The Wild Diet [Amazon] was conceived.
  • Environment design – making your surroundings support your goals.
  • How important your mindset is to weight-loss, and why.
  • The unexpected realization many people have when they reach their “goal weight,” and how it changes everything.
  • Abel’s pet peeves about the health & fitness industry.

On Abel’s Workout Playlist

  • All Kooked Out by Stanton Moore [ Amazon / iTunes ]
  • A Go Go by John Scofield [ Amazon / iTunes ]
  • Swamp Thing album – Abel’s collaboration with members of the Tim McGraw band, coming soon. More details here.

Where To Find Abel Online


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