The Progress Project: Lillian Ellis, Session #2 (F/37)

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From a peak weight of 453 pounds last year (205.9 kg), TipsOfTheScale listener Lillian had already lost 96 pounds when we first spoke.

Today, Lillian returns to share updates on her weight loss journey.

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Challenges in The Past Month

Lillian had experienced a plateau prior to our first session, and gained approximately 15 pounds between then and this follow-up. She didn’t understand why, and was feeling very frustrated.

However, there is a good reason for that: Lillian is pregnant.

She shares how it was bittersweet news at first, because of how hard she worked to lose almost 100 pounds in the past year:

“The first thing I could think of was how much weight I put on when I was pregnant with my daughter… I couldn’t enjoy that moment because that was all I could think of.”

Recent Discoveries and Looking Ahead

Lillian shares that she was having difficulty consistently tracking her diet & exercise activities in a trainer-provided “Fit Book.”

However, her frustration turned to enthusiasm when she began asking more questions about her program and began really understanding why her trainer had chosen specific exercises for her.

“Now, understanding what things are, I’m excited to do it! Before, it just felt like homework.”

Lillian has continued being active, but is going a little lighter on the weights (per doctor’s orders), and is continuing her daily walks.

She shares some of the contrasts between the “eating for two” contemporary wisdom, and what her doctor has prescribed for her.

Lillian will be focusing on eating much cleaner, healthier foods for the remainder of her pregnancy as well.

Support and Staying Focused

Lillian discusses how important is has been for her to have emotional support throughout her journey, and that it will continue to be a critical element of her plan.

In her case, it has been necessary for that person to be outside her family, and to be someone who has faced what she’s facing.

“You need someone who knows what’s going to make you happy tomorrow, not right this second.”

Journaling has also been a powerful tool for Lillian to recall tough periods and learn from her past choices. She knows that reflecting on her prior pregnancy, and the difficulties that followed, will help keep her focused on making this one as smooth as as possible.

She will also be working with a meditation coach to help her process some emotional hurdles she’s faced.

Lillian’s Playlist

We’ll catch up with Lillian down the road. For now, share your thoughts with her in the comments below!

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