157: Love Yourself Towards Health & Weight Loss | Sara Kaplan

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“Every day I’m making the best choices I can and loving myself where I am, and some days that looks better than others.”

In This Interview

Sara’s highest recorded weight was 320 pounds (145 kg) in 2012, and her goal since childhood was to one day become a good mom.

Hear about the panicked moment that kicked off a journey of significant life, health, and mindset changes.

  • “I was an unsafe mother…”
  • How “talk and walk” therapy helped build momentum for more changes.
  • How a practice of gratitude and self-love made powerful mindset change possible.
  • What is gratitude? How do you cultivate it?
  • “I could never loathe myself into doing what I wanted… but I could love myself into it.”
  • 3 ways to maintain a positive mindset no matter what life throws at you.

Resources Discussed In This Podcast

On Sara’s Workout Playlist

Contacting Sara

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