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A motivational show about weight-loss and habit change. Heard over a million times in 150+ countries!

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28: Stefan from Sweden (M/27)

400 pound Stefan knew it was time to change when he didn’t recognize himself in photos. Hear how he dropped over 130 pounds and discovered new possibilities in life.
James Clear | Habit Change Psychology for Weight Loss & Health

27: James Clear on Using Psychology for Weight Loss and Better Health

Habit change and behavior science expert James Clear visits TipsOfTheScale to discuss how psychology can make it easier to live healthier and achieve your weight loss goals. Learn his powerful “3 R’s” strategy for starting (and sticking to) new habits.

26: Jeff from Central Pennsylvania, US (M/32)

Jeff decided he’d had enough of being overweight when a friend made a comment that really bothered him. Hear how he lost over 80 pounds and surpassed his own expectations!

25: Tracy Cooke from Lexington, Kentucky (F/33)

A hospital visit at age 32 and the fear of her husband and baby daughter losing her was the wakeup call Tracy needed to take control of her health.

24: Ashly Wolf of

Ashly conquered negative body image and self consciousness in her own life, and now helps others tap into their true hunger to learn how to lose weight, love their bodies, and gain confidence.

23: Garrett from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada (M/19)

Garrett weighed over 500 pounds at age sixteen and knew if things didn’t change, his health and life were in jeopardy. Hear how he went from sedentary basement gamer to a healthier, happier, and more optimistic young man.

22: Maggie Jasmin Quit Yo-Yo Dieting and Dropped 100 Pounds (F/28)

From dieting at 13 years old to an adult peak of 255 pounds (116kg), Maggie knew the diet roller coaster well. Over a period of 10 months, Maggie took control of her health and learned how tough she really is.

21: Jonathan Morello from Boonton, New Jersey (M/30)

Overweight since the third grade, 430 pound Jonathan got tired of feeling tired and found success with the Slow Carb diet. Hear how he’s dropped 150 pounds so far!

20: Logan Fodrie on Plateaus and Dangers of Self-Deprecation (M/29)

Once an active child and teen, Logan’s life took a turn after college and he found himself weighing over 430 pounds. Hear how he committed to a healthy lifestyle, how he handled weight loss plateaus, and his insights on the danger of self-deprecation.

19: Morgan Hayes Reversed a High-Calorie Lifestyle to Drop 100 Pounds (F/29)

After an unpleasant experience at her 10-year high school reunion, 255 pound Morgan hit the brakes on her high-calorie lifestyle and took control of her health. This is her story of taking charge and discovering a new love for the outdoors.

18: Jeff Sherry of

A former athlete, 300 pound Jeff found himself on the floor, clutching his chest, wondering if he would see his children again. Hear how Jeff took control of his health and is now helping others do the same.

17: Consistency Helped Jen Drop 110 Pounds | Jen Tallman (F/21)

Hailing from America’s #2 fattest city, Jen started her journey at 265 pounds and took small but consistent steps to turn her health around.