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A motivational show about weight-loss and habit change. Heard over a million times in 150+ countries!

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125: No Longer Controlled by Food or People’s Opinions | Gillian McCarty (F/34)

On a mission to lose 250 pounds, Gillian decided she would no longer be controlled by food or people’s opinions. How she’s overcome self-doubt and developed a love for pushing herself.

124: The Life You Save May Be Your Own | Johnny O’Donnell (M/38)

A brush with death changed Johnny’s health & life. How he went from “worthless and fat” to confident and committed.

123: Maintenance and Tackling Fear & Doubt | Chris Dolley Update

Chris Dolley (ep #69) has kept off 100 pounds for 8 years. Chris returns with maintenance tips and discusses how fear & doubt have driven personal growth.

122: Progress Project: Casey Elliott, Session #2

From a peak weight of 295 pounds (134 kg), TipsOfTheScale listener Casey has invited us along on her weight loss journey. Today, Casey returns to share her latest update.

121: The Difference Positivity & Happiness Make in Weight Loss | Mark Ludlow (M/32)

Mark was 100 pounds overweight and his life was in a negative spiral. Hear how happiness and positivity impacted his weight loss efforts.

120: Stress Eating, Wheat Sensitivity, and The Power of Paleo | Karen Parrott

When Karen’s co-worker dropped dead, and she saw her own health markers moving in the wrong direction, it was time to overhaul her eating habits. Hear what she discovered about food sensitivities and how she dropped 70 pounds.

119: Alan Ali on The Power of a Support System (M/32)

After hitting his lowest point, Alan regrouped and sought the help he needed to take control of his health and life. How he’s lost 140 pounds (63.6 kg) so far.

118: Victoria Stevens: Confidence and Self-Acceptance By Focusing on Health

When Victoria began to focus on the happy and the healthy (and the roller derby) in her life, she discovered new strength, confidence, and dropped over 100 pounds.

117: Ben Boukari Committed to Better Health and Dropped 140 Pounds (M/30)

When Ben’s health began to decline, he knew he wasn’t caring for himself or setting the example his community needed. How he dropped over 80 pounds in nine months, and the impact it’s had on his life.

116: Rick & Kelly Discovered Their ‘Why’ and Each Lost 100 Pounds

Kelly and Rick each lost over 100 pounds, and are embarking on a whole new positive phase of their life together.

115: Martinus Evans Turned Anger into Accomplishment, Dropped 80 Pounds

Martinus transformed a doctor’s harsh diagnosis into a new life of running, blogging and healthy living.

114: Courtney Stewart Lost 223 Pounds, Realized a Lifelong Dream (F/30)

Mother of four, Courtney Stewart lost 223 pounds and fulfilled a childhood dream.