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A motivational show about weight-loss and habit change. Heard over a million times in 150+ countries!

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105: Brandi Koskie of – 4 Traits of Successful Dieters

Writing for the largest diet review site on the net, Brandi has gained a valuable and unique perspective on characteristics of successful weight loss efforts.

103: Nearly Dying, Channeling Anger, and Practicing Gratitude | Mario Colao

Mario was a depressed chain-smoker at such a low point in life that he thought, “I deserve this” in the middle of a heart attack. Hear what changed when we awoke, how he channeled his anger, and how he’s dropped over 200 pounds. (91kg)

102: Sarah Moores on Flexing Motivation Muscle for New Strength (F/27)

A year ago, Sarah had escaped an abusive relationship, was pre-diabetic, and had long given up on her dreams of being an Olympic athlete. Hear the question that changed her path and helped her discover the fighter within.

101: From Dropout to Helping Others Live Their Dreams (M/36) | Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy was overweight, had dropped out of school multiple times, and was giving up on his dreams. After hitting rock-bottom, he discovered something that gave him results, and a future, he had never imagined.

100: Special 100th Episode – The Interviewer Becomes The Interviewee

A special guest host turns the tables on Sam for an inside look at how & why TipsOfTheScale was launched, future plans, and insights from 100 interviews.

99: Derrick Mims Broke the Cycle and Became Stronger Than Ever (M/40)

At 464 pounds, Derrick felt he missed out on life. He experienced frustration and anger at past failures and false starts. Hear how he broke the cycle and took control of his future.

97: Chelsea Sawyer: Down 110 Pounds and More Positive Than Ever (F/24)

Chelsea Sawyer used to try to draw attention away from her weight anyway she could. How she went from unhappy and unable to walk without pain, to happy, 110 pounds lighter, and more positive than ever.

96: Tim Priest on Small Changes for Big Weight Loss (M/27)

After a dire warning from his doctor, Tim made changes to his lifestyle that resulted in 140 pounds dropped.