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Sam Lomeli, host of Tips Of The ScaleWelcome to TipsOfTheScale.com, your home for weight loss motivation. Tune in every week for weight loss success stories from around the world and for expert tips on diet & exercise. I’m your host, Sam Lomeli.

I want to thank you for joining me here at TipsOfTheScale.com for our very first episode of the show. I am very proud to be kicking this off, and I hope that you will join me for this journey over the next 10, 20, 100, 200, or 300 episodes. This is something I am very passionate about, and I hope that if you’re tuning in and listening that it is something special for you as well.

First off, you’re probably wondering who the heck am I. So let me share a little bit about myself. My name again is Sam Lomeli, and I am a health & fitness enthusiast on a mission to inspire people around the world to get up, get off their couches, to throw out the junk food from their pantries, and to start living healthier lives.

One of the reasons this is a very passionate subject for me is that I was an overweight child. I remember very vividly in the fifth grade when I was ten years old stepping onto a scale in the classroom at school and watching the needle swoop all the way to, and a little past, 110 pounds. It was not a fun experience at that age to be singled out for the all-too-common ridicule, and bullying, and snide remarks, and no attention from the girls, and all the fun and hassle of finding husky clothes, and that sort of thing. I can definitely relate to the experience at that age and throughout a little bit of my adolescence in dealing with that and all the social awkwardness that comes with it as well, and the self-confidence issues that it leaves one with.

Unfortunately, that was the case for me and it is for a lot of people out there. Now, in my case, all of that turned around when I met a supportive group of individuals who, not only helped and encouraged me to lose weight and to get active, but stepped alongside me and did it with me. This was a close circle of friends who, not only went and supported me, but were very tuned into what I was doing. They asked me every week if I had run, and they told me about their runs, and they asked if I was eating better, and they asked me what I was eating.

Now these were friends who weren’t picking on me, but they were asking me to keep me accountable, to hold me to the promise I’d made to myself that I was going to lose the weight and get healthier. Thanks to their support and encouragement and the drive that I had inside, I changed that. I went from someone who was the last one picked for any sport, and not the most athletic kid on our street in our neighborhood, to being someone who walked with his head a little higher, and went on to do things I never thought I would do, like competing in martial arts and captaining sports teams in my adult years. I’m very proud to have done that, and my goal with this podcast is to inspire other people to do the same, because there are so many things working against you. From people who make comments about the obese to the very people who are meant to be looking out for us in various parts of society, keeping our meals healthy and things like that.

It’s really hard to live healthy when you don’t know how. My goal with this podcast is to aggregate stories of people who have done it. People just like you, Mr. and Mrs. Listener, listening right now. People who’ve been there themselves and experienced what you’re living, and have found a way and are going to come on this show to share their ways with you.

These days, my life is a little different. I use a food scale in my kitchen. I cook and I exercise regularly, and I absolutely absorb everything that I can learn about diet and exercise. I’m very excited to be starting this show and to have all of you listening.

Now that you know a little more about me, let me describe what the show is going to be about and how it’s going to work. I’ve already given you a little taste of it, but here’s a little more detail. Every week I will be interviewing the most inspiring weight loss success stories around the world that I can find. Every interview will be different, of course, because every person has a different personal story.

Once a week, I will also be interviewing an experienced health or fitness professional who is going to share their favorite weight loss tips. They’re also going to talk about common myths that are out there about diet & exercise, and help us talk about the science behind why things work. That will give you two different perspectives: not only those people who’ve done it themselves and found the thing that worked for them, but also the experts who have worked with hundreds or thousands of people and can give us insights into why maybe some things you’ve tried so far haven’t work for you, and can tune you into what would work.

I’m really excited that we’ll be producing these episodes every week. Every episode will be approximately 30 minutes. For you, this means that every time you download a new episode, there will be a brand new voice in your ear waiting to accompany you on your commute to work, on your lunch break, during your workout, or during any other daily activity where you could use an added dose of weight loss inspiration in your ear.

We are going to follow a very clear and simple format on every show so you know what to expect. What it’s going to start with is, sharing a little background info about our spotlighted guest, then they will share a motivational quote that has helped them personally to stay focused and driven on their weight loss, and hopefully will do the same for you as well. Everyone likes a good inspirational quote, so we get to hear what makes this one this person’s favorite and how it helped them. From there, we will jump straight into their journey itself.

We will start where a lot of people can relate, which is where they started their journey. This is where they were overweight, they were unmotivated, maybe felt alone or unsupported, and in a lot of cases, probably felt powerless or unable to change for whatever reason. Our guest is going to share the fears and habits that led to that situation, and then tell us about “the moment.”

What I mean by “the moment” is the spark or event or realization – the thing that made them finally decide to take action to turn their health around. As you know, no thing worth doing comes easily, so we are also going to talk about their challenges and setbacks – the things that were roadblocks along the way so that you have a realistic idea of what could possibly await you when you start your own weight loss journey. We are going to dive into the steps they took to persevere and keep moving forward toward their goals.

We are also going to talk about where they are now and what they are doing on a daily basis to maintain their results and not slip back into their old lifestyle. We are going to get as specific as we can get about what they have for breakfast, for lunch, what their snacks are like, how often they eat, the choices they make at restaurants. As well as what their exercise routine looks like – if they exercise. In some cases, that’s not what they’re doing. Again, it’s different for everyone but this gives you the advantage of listening to a lot of different people’s approaches, and when you hear the one that speaks to you, you can try it.

At this point, we reach my favorite part of the interview, and that’s when we dive into what held our guest back from acting sooner. This is to dial into some of the limiting beliefs you have about yourself, and some of the things that may have held you back from taking the first step on your weight loss journey. We will talk about some of the sources of motivation and inspiration for our guests, which hopefully will also speak to something that can get you fired up. We will also talk about what they would do different if they had it to do again. If they could time travel back to when they started their weight loss journey and tell themselves anything, what it would be. This gives you, the listener, a really important insight into how you can get around the mistakes our guests made, and what they learned along the way.

I believe that hearing what it took for other people to take action will provide you with the insight to get up and make healthier lifestyle changes today. On top of that we will also ask our guest for helpful resources they can recommend, like books, videos, web sites, phone apps – anything that helped them along the way that they can recommend that you can go out and look for as well.

Every show will have accompanying show notes that link to those resources so that instead of taking down notes while listening to this show, you can go to our website at TipsOfTheScale.com, look up the show that you’re listening to, and then you’ll see links to everything we discussed during that episode.

For an additional fun extra, because I love exploring new music and trying new things, one of the things I ask guests is for what their favorite workout music is. Whatever specific song or band gets them fired up for their workouts every day, every week. If you’re like me, you love checking out new music, so these personal recommendations are a great way to find them.

Now that you know a little more about the show, let me share a little more about why I chose this format. For over 4 years now, I’ve been an avid listener of podcasts. Like a lot of people, I enjoy learning but I struggle finding enough time in the day to read. It’s simply not possible, or safe, to read while driving, exercising, or doing other chores. When I discovered podcasts, I found that it was really easy to stay up to date with a number of my favorite topics. I love stand-up comedy, I love talking about science, and most important to me is health and fitness. I found that podcasts were a great way to absorb new information about health and fitness, any time of day, without commercials, for free.

There are great health and fitness podcasts out there, some hosted by very well-known people in the industry, but I soon found that their production schedules kept me constantly waiting for the next episode. It was clear to me that there was a need for a more frequent podcast that people could listen to during their daily commute, their walk, their downtime, whatever free time they had. So that’s where TipsOfTheScale.com was born. I decided that my constant desire for both hearing and sharing health tips and advice could be satisfied by creating my very own headquarters where inspiring and informative stories could be found.

I want to offer content that will energize you to take control of your health and start making changes immediately. I’m convinced that my guests and I together can help millions of other people be successful in losing weight as well.

That about sums it up. I want to thank you again for joining me here at TipsOfTheScale.com. I know deep within most of us lives someone who wants to be healthier, who wants to be more active, and who can do it with the right tools and encouragement. My mission with TipsOfTheScale is to bring you that very support, knowledge, and motivation you need to be that person. I hope you will join me for the journey.

I’m Sam Lomeli and this has been our very first episode of TipsOfTheScale. I hope to see you again. Take care, everybody.

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