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A motivational show about weight-loss and habit change. Heard over a million times in 150+ countries!

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113: Eric Hunley: The Song That Changed His Health & Life

Eric used to hate running, and considered himself anti-jocks. Hear how one song changed his future, and the importance of taking action before feeling “ready.”

Top 10 TipsOfTheScale Interviews

Of over 110 TipsOfTheScale episodes, these 10 have risen to the top. Enjoy!

The Progress Project: Lillian Ellis, Session #2 (F/37)

From a peak weight of 453 pounds last year (205.9 kg), TipsOfTheScale listener Lillian had already lost 96 pounds when we first spoke. Today, Lillian returns to share updates on her weight loss journey.

112: Progress Project: Casey Elliott, Session #1

Casey Elliott has invited us along on her weight loss journey. This is her kickoff session: history, starting point, and plan.

Announcement & Update on 9/9 Challenge

Latest news on the 9/9 challenge and Sam’s thoughts on the past month.

111: Edgar Hernandez on The Power of Being Positive (M/19)

From not seeing a future for himself to living life as a beacon of positivity, Edgar shares his remarkable transformation. “Be happy! Go out there and do great things!”

110: Dr. Michael Pickart on Post-Weight Loss Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeon Michael Pickart discusses surgical options for loose skin after weight loss, common types of procedures, and how Hollywood has changed perception of his industry – for better or worse.

109: Summer Lorenzsonn on Mindset, Habits, and Knowing Your Triggers (F/37)

Summer used to push people away, and eventually found her life in a state she was unhappy with. What she’s learned about habits & triggers, and how she’s kept off 140 pounds for over a decade.

108: Andrea Matthes on Belief, Consistency, and Habits

Andrea was once the “funny, chubby girl” whose life revolved around food and who felt exercise was impossible. From gastric bypass to Crossfit coach, Andrea shares tips from her Imperfect Life.

107: Tracy Cooke Update: The Mindset of Maintenance (F/34)

A health scare catapulted Tracy, a busy mother, wife, and blogger, into a health journey of losing 140 pounds. Tracy returns to share about the challenge of maintenance, her mindset, and new discoveries.

106: Melissa Kruze-Sanchez: A Controversial Start to Weight Loss (F/46)

After a scary medical diagnosis, Melissa took control of her life and her food addiction. Hear about her experience with a controversial weight-loss option, and what she’s changed to maintain over 200 pounds lost.