63: Tim Bauer Updates After Losing Over 200 Pounds

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First-ever repeat guest Tim Bauer shares new developments in his journey, thoughts on the mental aspect of weight loss, and updated advice for you!

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Going From The Weight-Loss Phase to Weight-Maintenance

Tim has explored many different ways of staying active – from running to martial arts to swimming to triathlon training. What he’s discovered is that his absolute favorite way of staying active is lifting weights.

With this self-knowledge, Tim has adjusted his food intake to match his goal of strength-building. For Tim, this means eating more protein every day while adjusting his carbohydrate intake based on whether or not he is lifting weights that day.

Tim’s New Discoveries

As principles of the Paleo lifestyle continue to evolve, Tim has tried re-introducing certain things into his diet to see how his body responds. One discovery he’s made is that, while he used to be able to lift weights without eating first (“fasted” training), he’s discovered that he’s progressed to the point that he needs to eat before lifting for optimal strength and energy during his workouts.

Tim also shares how helpful it’s been to stay in touch with a community of like-minded individuals who both inspire him and share their knowledge. For example, he mentions what he’s learned about the benefits of resistant starch from another Tips Of The Scale alum, JT Matherly from Episode #8.

The Mental Aspect of Weight Loss

Tim discusses the Biggest Loser 15 Finale (my thoughts on the subject here) and how there needs to be more discussion of the mental side of weight loss. He believes that anyone who loses over 100 pounds would find it beneficial to sit down with a mental health professional to discuss how, or if, they are transitioning into a newer lifestyle and identity.

Tim opens up about how a counselor personally helped him deal with various aspects of his weight and health history.

Setbacks And Challenges

Tim experienced a recent setback when he began experiencing shoulder pain. Early conversations with his doctor included a recommendation to stop doing barbell exercises until the root issue could be identified and treated.

After all the success Tim had experienced with strength training, and how much he was enjoying it as a part of his healthier lifestyle, this was a tough pill to swallow. Did this stop Tim?

Not at all. He continued training with a lower-body focused training regimen that meant he “had to buy a lot of new pants… They’re very tight around the quads.” Talk about not giving up!

Tim’s Advice For Your Journey

  • Listen to your body. Don’t ignore pain, and talk to a doctor if something doesn’t feel right.
  • Be consistent.
  • Find and stay involved with people who support and encourage you.

Resources Mentioned in This Podcast

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  • DrOz.com – Chris Kresser’s recent appearance on the Dr Oz show

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Contacting Tim

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