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A motivational show about weight-loss and habit change. Heard over a million times in 150+ countries!

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136: Listening To Your Body & Learning Forgiveness | Tenika Clemmer

Tenika was “always the funny fat girl” but knew that her health issues would eventually catch up with her. What she learned about forgiveness to drop 120 pounds.

135: Focus and a New Approach to Food | Sean Thompson (M/24)

Sean was shy, suffered from poor self esteem, and used to “hate” himself for being fat. Once he decided to change things, he found success by simplifying food decisions and not letting setbacks distract him from the big picture.

134: Taking Control, Dropping Weight Despite A Knee Injury | Jess Loeb (F/27)

A longstanding knee injury played a critical role in Jess’s weight loss. How her recovery and logical approach to weight loss has helped her transform her body and lifestyle.

133: How Tragedy and Love May Have Saved My Life | Joel Leyton

At a peak weight of 585 pounds, Joel needed to learn what it meant to love himself before he could transform his life and health. A family tragedy became the kickstart for change.

132: It Starts and Ends With You | Mario Colao Book Update

Mario was a depressed chain-smoker at such a low point in life that he thought, “I deserve this” in the middle of a heart attack. Today, Mario returns to share updates on life and his new book.

131: Progress Project: Casey Elliott, Session #3

From a peak weight of 295 pounds (134 kg), TipsOfTheScale listener Casey has invited us along on her weight loss journey. Today, Casey returns to share her latest update.

Habits: Preparing for a New Year

Conventional wisdom says that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Today, December 11th, is exactly 21 days to January 1st, 2015. That’s not a long time, right?

130: On Sustainability: Solving Problems For Good | Michael Prager (M/57)

Michael Prager is a journalist, author and professional speaker who promotes a concept of “personal sustainability,” a means of identifying and practicing sustainable habits that improve your life. Michael came to see the power of sustainability as the key to weight loss. He feels it is critical to work towards asking ourselves the question: What can I do that will solve the problem so that it won’t come back?

129: Power of Positivity, Support, and Overcoming Fear | Ruby Gettinger

From her award-winning show “Ruby”, her appearance on Oprah, and her countless media appearances, Ruby Gettinger’s story is amazing. How she conquered a peak weight of 719 pounds (326 kg) and updates on her continuing journey.

128: Amy Bounced Back From Rock Bottom & Suicidal Thoughts | Amy Riggs (F/34)

Amy was unemployed, depressed, and found herself contemplating suicide. Hear how she took control of her health, her life, and what she’s learned in the process.

127: 596-Pound Scott Beat Chronic Pain and Depression | Scott Keats (M/33)

At a peak of 596 pounds (271 kg), Scott was dealing with sports injuries, workaholism, fear, and a dysfunctional relationship with food. How he’s found the confidence and determination to think & care about his health.

126: After Two Pregnancies, Courtney Removed Excuses & Prioritized Fitness | Courtney Lee (F/31)

Courtney hated always feeling tired and being unable to run and play with her kids. Hear how she tapped into her competitive spirit to lose weight and get healthy.