The Tips Of The Scale Podcast

A motivational show about weight-loss and habit change. Heard over a million times in 150+ countries!

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16: Scott Hunter from London, United Kingdom (M/21)

Overweight since childhood, Scott shares how an outsider’s perspective on “fat people logic” struck a chord with him and gave him the self-awareness and motivation to drop over 65 pounds! Hear how the weight loss changed his life and what he’s training for now.

15: Dr. Stephanie Smith

Psychologist Stephanie Smith visits Tips Of The Scale to discuss motivation, understanding what we have the capability to change, and the importance of support systems when making lifestyle changes.
Chris Krause

14: Chris Krause

Chris Krause used to worry when going out about whether there would be chairs he could fit in. Now, after dropping 200 pounds, he shares what he’s learned about nutrition and about his love for bacon.

13: Stephanie from Arkansas

Stephanie had been overweight all her life and peaked at 300 lbs in high school. Now a busy mother of two, she knew she wanted to set a healthier example for her children. Her determination to make weight loss a priority made all the difference.
Jess Hatton of

12: Jess Hatton of

At 362 pounds, Jess started a weight loss journey that would change her life and career. Her story and a tip for how 8 minutes can change your mind about avoiding exercise.

11: James Changed His Mindset, His Life, and Dropped 170 Pounds

At 420 pounds, James decided he’d had enough. He committed to a new lifestyle and now shares what he’s learned about nutrition and mindset.
David Jasmin

10: David Jasmin from Boston, Massachusetts

Self-described family “garbage disposal,” David Jasmin had enough when he struggled as an adult to complete a hike he easily did as a child. Hear how he took control of his lifestyle and sent the pounds packing. Also, great tips for portion control when dining out!
Adina Ingram

9: Adina Ingram of

Overweight from the age of 8, Adina was drinking weight loss shakes at 11, and had reached 270+ pounds by 35. When her daughter turned to her during a weight loss commercial and said, “Mommy, that’s what you need,” she knew it was time to change course.

8: From 400 Pounds to Paleo & Powerlifting | J.T. Matherly

After losing his mother to cancer, JT got serious about his health, dropped 200+ lbs and hasn’t looked back. From weight in the 400’s to paleo and power lifting – check out his story.
Sam Smith

7: From 268 Pound Gamer to Bodybuilder | Sam Smith

Sam Smith went from 268 pound gamer to bodybuilder through disciplined nutrition and hard work. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, and unfortunately lost friends along the way, but he didn’t give up doing the right thing for his health.

6: Josh Amora of A & W Fitness

A personal battle with Crohn’s Disease piqued Josh’s passion for health & fitness. Tune in for tips on advance food preparation, resistance training, and for his favorite client success story.

5: Dana Paine Changed Her Life With a Decision

After losing her father, Dana knew she needed to improve her own health. She dropped 100 pounds (45 kg) and opens up today about where she found the support to stay positive and achieve her goals.